Self-Adhesive 2-1/4” SIGHT-SEERS™
Targets in Three Vivid Colors, High Contrast Scope and Diamond-Square in Red or Black

Thompson’s STICK-UM UP™ self-adhesive targets
are one of our most popular targets. These vivid
SIGHT-SEERS targets have bright center points
with crisply contrasting bulls for enhanced sight-to-
target alignment and easier shot spotting.

The super bright targets are packaged in handy pocket-sized containers for pick-up-and-go ease.

No more hammers, tacks or tape. Just Stick-Um Up
and start shooting!

SUPER-SIGHT™ fluorescent green
BRIGHT-SPOTS™ fluorescent hunter orange
DIRECT-HIT™ fluorescent yellow-orange
DIAMOND-SQUARE red and white
DIAMOND-SQUARE black and white
SCOPE red and white

Each pocket-pack contains: 50 – 2-1/4-inch targets

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SUPER-SIGHT Bright Green 50 Pack #5220
Qty: Price: $4.79

BRIGHT-SPOTS Hunter Orange 50 Pack #5240
Qty: Price: $4.79

DIRECT-HIT Yellow-Orange 50 Pack #5250
Qty: Price: $4.79

SCOPE Red and White 50 Pack #5260
Qty: Price: $4.79

DIAMOND-SQUARE Red 50 Pack #5270
Qty: Price: $4.79

DIAMOND-SQUARE Black 50 Pack #5280
Qty: Price: $4.79

These targets go great with our popular QUICK-STAND™
and CLIP & SHOOT durable target stands!

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