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Thompson Target CenterBecome a Thompson Target Retailer.

No other company merchandises shooting targets like Thompson.  We show off our bold bright colors and innovative graphics with a variety of metal cascading target displays.  Free standing and compact, Thompson Target displays also come with eye catching full color header panels.  These eye level target menus grab your customers' attention and help them make a selection from our targets featuring a wide variety of shooting applications.

Thompson Target has your bottom line in mind.  Wholesale pricing allows for a 40% margin and orders of $700 or more qualify for 10% discounted Major Wholesale pricing (must re-qualify annually).  

Plus Get

  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $500
  • FREE DISPLAYS with purchase of accompanying product


Become a Thompson Target Range.pressinspect2.jpg

Keep your customers coming back by giving them access to the most unique well crafted shooting target designs.  Thompson range targets use heavier bright white paper and high quality inks giving the shooter a far superior down range image. 

Plus Get

  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $500
  • VOLUME DISCOUNTS (see below)


Volume Discount Program 1 Volume Discount Program 2
5% discount on orders over $1,000 5% discount when cumulative annual total is more than $3,000
10% discount on orders over $2,000 10% discount when cumulative annual total is more than $6,000
15% discount on orders over $3,000  



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