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  • Yellow Jacket 15"x19" Paper Shooting Targets by Thompson
  • Yellow Jacket 15"x19" Paper Shooting Targets with Free Stand

Yellow Jacket 15"x19" Paper Shooting Targets

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    YELLOW JACKET 15"x19" Paper Shooting Targets

    • Developed for reducing glare and halo caused by bright sunlight
    • 5 high contrast 4" fluorescent yellow bullseyes for a superior sight picture
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    Black absorbs light and white reflects light. When these two opposing colors come together under bright conditions it is almost impossible to find an edge. The solution is Thompson's YELLOW JACKET targets.

    The distinctive combination of a solid black background with bright yellow 4" bullseyes optimizes color contrast while reducing glare to give you a sharp edge down range, even in bright sunlight. The yellow bulls offer center-hold shooters a clean, bright background for crosshairs or open sights on pistols and rifles alike.

    Designed for handguns and rifles at distances of 25 to 100 yards.

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    1. good contrast  star rating

      Posted by Bob S on 21st Nov 2017

      Nice distance shooting targets After I shoot the 5 targets here I stick orange dots on the black background and they really pop
      these targets are a good value

    2. This is one of my Favorite Rifle Targets  star rating

      Posted by Brad on 6th Jul 2016

      This is one of my Favorite Pistol Targets.
      I use this target when shooting my 5.56 at various distances per 50 rounds ex ( top 2 targets at 30 yards/ bottom 2 at 40 yards and the middle target at 50). The contrast is color is easy to see at long distance.

    3. Great!!!!!  star rating

      Posted by Robert on 20th Jan 2015

      These targets are great, some type of thin plastic and show the shot in
      a burst of color.