5 Reasons To Choose Paper Targets For Shooting

Posted by Thompson Target Inc on 20th Aug 2015

It’s a clear calm Saturday afternoon in early September. Your work around the house is finished, and you finally have time to get in some shooting. After packing up your gear, you just have one more decision to make: What are you going to shoot at? Nowadays, you have many options depending on where you plan to shoot. If you’re headed to the back forty, you can add exploding targets, plinking cans, and bleeding zombie 3D targets to the list of possibilities. However, if you’re going to y
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Paper Targets for Shooting Range Success

Posted by Thompson Target Inc on 3rd Aug 2015

How to Get the Most from Your Range Time You finally found the time to go to the shooting range, so of course you want to make the most of your range time. You already purchased the right guns, ammo and safety equipment, so don't stop short with cheap, boring long-range images. In this post we’ll discuss the advantages of expertly designed shooting range targets, including those for competition use. Find out why bright, easy-to-see targets mean greater success at the range.Quality Long-Range
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